ProD: Drawing linguistic trees and dendrograms

Chris Culy

Version: 0.3.1, updated 25 September 2012

What is it?

ProD (=Prototype Dendrograms) is tool for visualizing linguistic tree structures, e.g. constituent structures, dependency structures, language family trees, etc. In addition to the basic drawing, the library allows for interactive searching and highlighting of the structure, as well as collapsing a subtree by clicking on its parent. Despite the name, ProD will layout the structures either as dendrograms (nodes horizontally aligned by their distance from the leaves) or as node-link (tree) diagrams (nodes horizontally aligned by their distance from the root).

Here are a few sample uses:

ProD is still very much under development, with only in-line documentation. Any feedback is appreciated.


ProD has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari on OS X 10.6. There are occasional issues with redrawing the same tree with a different layout in all but Firefox. See refresh() in Variations and searching for a workaround.


ProD is freely available under the new BSD license (see the source files). Download ProD.

If you use ProD, please cite:

Chris Culy, Corina Dima, and Emanuel Dima. 2012. Through the Looking Glass: Two Approaches to Visualizing Linguistic Syntax Trees. presented at IV2012, July 11-13, 2012, Montpelier, France.

Version history

1 August 2012