ProD: PAISA Paths

An example of ProD

The shaded menu provides examples of dependency structures from the PAISÀ corpus. The examples are ones that contain a sub immediately within an . The examples are grouped by the ID of the document they occur in, and the shading indicates whether there are more (darker) or fewer (lighter) examples in the document. Clicking on a document shows the examples. Clicking on an example will show its structure.

The tokens can be displayed at the bottom of the diagram (the default) or at their depth in the diagram.

You can search for nodes in the diagrams. Node search terms are regular expressions, so sub will match any node containing "sub", while ^sub$ will match only "sub" nodes. You can also search for paths in the diagram, by specifying a (top down) sequence of nodes, separated by spaces. A * can be used within a sequence as a wildcard. If there is more than one path, you can highlight them successively by using the left and right arrows.