KWICis: An interactive key word in context visualization for structured data

Chris Culy

Version: 0.4.1 released 24 September 2016

What is it?

KWICis a modern concordance (keyword in context = KWIC) visualization that is interactive and designed for structured data. It is meant to complement my DoubleTreeJS, "a more compact view of words in their context of use than a traditional concordance (KWIC)".

Here are a few sample uses, which illustrate different possibilities:

Hint: in basic examples and in the regular expressions with structured text, you can use text files which have the part of speech (POS) immediately following word, separated by a slash: espresso/NN. There is nothing special about POS information: you can put any information after the slash and the filtering and sorting will (should) work with that information.

KWICis is still very much under development, and this is not a final release. Any feedback is appreciated.

How to use KWICis with your own data

The basic samples should be usable as is. The data format is extremely simple: your input file should have one item per line, with the word first, and optionally followed by a "/" and then a part of speech. e.g.


For more advanced users, there is jsdoc API documentation. The philosophy is very much the same as DoubleTreeJS. With KWICis, I have included a new regular expression based text model, which has not yet been added to DoubleTreeJS.


KWICis has been tested with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on OS X, as well as some older browsers in Windows. Older versions of Safari may not allow local files to be read, in which case you will not be able to try your own data.


KWICis is freely available under the new BSD license (see the source files). Download

If you use KWICis, please cite this web site.


This version of KWICis should be ready for casual use. Possible improvements:

Please let me know if you have other suggestions.


KWICis uses the D3 toolkit.

Thanks to L. Lee McIntyre and Eran Raveh for useful feedback and testing.

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