KWICis Demo of Filtering and Metdata

© 2014-2015 Chris Culy

This is a more elaborate demo illustrating how a KWIC can be dynamically filtered, and how metadata can be visualized in it as well. The preloaded text is three versions of Robin Hood, by Howard Pyle, Paul Creswick, and J. Walker McSpadden. The search menu is by lemma and part of speech.

or from history


Click on a column heading to sort it, or reverse its sort. Mouse over an item for more information about it, or click on it to reset the KWIC to the results for that item. Mouse over the author's intial to get the number of results for that author. Alt-click on a hit to see it in a larger context.

The KWIC can be filtered dynamically, limiting the results to specific author(s), or restricting them to instances that contain a particular preceding/following part of speech. In addition, when search for the <unknown> lemma, the results can also be filtered using a regular expression to match the token, for example ly$ to match tokens ending in ly.

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