KWICis demo of structured text and regular expression model

© 2014-2015 Chris Culy

The preloaded text is from Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. You can start searching it now, using regular expressions. POS tags are separated from tokens by #, e.g. the#DT. Successive tokens are separated by newlines '\n' (since each item is on its own line in the original file). For example, to search for two or more consecutive adjectives (JJ), enter: (.*#JJ\n){2,} You can use ^ for the beginning of an item and $ for the end by using putting the expression between // and followed by m. For example, to search for singular common nouns beginning with the letter h, enter: /^h.*#NN$/m Don't forget to escape $ that are part of POS tags. For example, to look for personal pronouns enter PP\$ Searches are case-sensitive, unless you put the expression between // and followed by i. For example, to search for all words containing the letter c, enter /.*c.*#/i

You can load other structured text files. For more discussion of regular expressions, and an example with plain text see Plain text and regular expressions

Input file: or from history


Click on a column heading to sort it, or reverse its sort. Click on a hit to see the hit in a fuller context. Click on any other item to reset the KWIC to the results for that item.