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For my own amusement

Maybe they will amuse you, too …

Exploring De Jong Attractors

July 2022

Mathematical Art

S + 7 in 1

June 2022

Self-contained Oulipo textual oddities

Fun Names

May 2022

A title for your next novel?

The Wisdom of Oz™

March 2022

Quotes to help you think, from the Land of Oz

The Basics of Arcolnets

February 2022

An explanation of the ideas behind my Arcolnets artistic visualization. Make your own!

Coloring Sol's Walls

April 2021

A colorful transformation of 2 conceptual pieces, building on Zio Chris' Wall Drawing 256.


January 2021

Splatter virtual paint on a canvas

Ngram Net

May 2020

Networks of conjoined nouns

Color clock

November 2019

Tell time using color

Warhol 300

August 2019

This page contains a simulation of the process that Andy Warhol used in 1973 for his contribution to the "New York Collection for Stockholm."

Warhol started with a line drawing of Mao, and then had 300 photocopies made, each photocopy being of the one just previously made. Each copy was distorted a version of the previous one, due in part to human imprecision in placing the version to be copied and in part (apparently) due to deliberate distortions introduced to inhibit counterfeiting, making the work an early example of feedback-based glitch art.



July 2019 (blog post with examples)

A fun little image manipulation web page I made. See the manipulation from your phone/tablet camera live and save the result. All on your device — no tracking, of course. Maybe you'll get hooked.

See some galleries of my #DifReImages.

Artist Kathy Petrillo has been using DifRe for inspiration. Check out her work in general on her Facebook. Thanks for her enthusiasm!

Thanks to my brother Jeff ( for the impetus, and to Laurent Denoue ( for debugging help. And of course, thanks for the support from my wife, Lee McIntyre. Check out her podcast and website about early women photographers:

Snow Flocks

December 2018
Some mindless fun for the upcoming winter, using the boid/flocking technique from systems simulations.

Fun with Zio Chris

September 2015
A series of visualizations of beautiful things from math, done while teaching my nephew some javascript programming.


December 2014
Animated concentric circles. Touch devices only.


June 2005
Textoems, by Otto Poe Trea