Drawing on Sol's Walls

Chris Culy, 2015-2021

License: Creative Commons License
Drawing on Sol's Walls by Chris Culy
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Blog post

The instructions for Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawing 358 say to fill a grid with arcs drawn from one corner, and "[T]he direction of the arcs and their placement are determined by the draftsman."

Letting the computer be our drafter, we can generate as many different variations as we'd like. (See my original version for more details. The patterns in this version are not done with circular arcs, as implied by Lewitt's instructions, but by parabolas. Also, unlike my original versions, the smaller version here shows only 1/4 of the possibilities at one time.) The new twist here is that just like a kid with a box of crayons, you can color in the patterns on "Sol's Wall", but without getting scolded. For me, the colored-in versions are much more organic feeling than the originals, which have a cooler abstract feeling. See what you think.

Click/tap on "New Wall" to make a new pattern, and click/tap on a color to select it as your "crayon". Then click/tap on the wall and your computer drafter will fill an area with that color.

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