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This page displays networks of nouns that are directly conjoined by and (et for French, und for German, and e for Italian). The network starts with one noun and links are made to the most common nouns conjoined with it. These these direct connections are found by looking at the data from the Google Ngrams Viewer. For each of those nouns, the process is repeated, and so on for a number of iterations. You can click/tap on a word to make it the starting point of the network.

In the network, the starting word is in a violet ellipse, and words that are the connections in the last iteration are in gold ellipses. As you mouse over a word, its related words are indicated:

You can choose a few different layouts to view the network, all done by GraphViz via viz.js. Different layouts may give you different insights. For example, highly interconnected networks are visualized well using neato, while very hierarchical networks are often visualized well either with dot or twopi. You may need to adjust the scale to see the whole network easily.

Some things to look for

The data

The data used here has been collected from just 3 years (1900, 1950, and 2000), and is limited to a small subset of those years. For each language and year, the data is for networks of 10 direct connections with 3 iterations, starting with the words for art, linguistics, music; apples, chocolate, coffee, do(ugh)nuts, pepper, salt; air, earth, fire, and water. A few other words may also have crept in due to other work. Here is a summary:

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