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THE/DT MERRY/NP ADVENTURES/NP OF/IN ROBIN/NP HOOD/NP by/IN Howard/NP Pyle/NP PREFACE/NP FROM/NP THE/NP AUTHOR/NP TO/TO THE/DT READER/NP You/PP who/WP so/RB plod/VBP amid/IN serious/JJ things/NNS that /IN you/PP feel/VBP it/PP shame/VBP to/TO give/VB yourself/PP up/RP even/RB for/IN a/DT few/JJ short/JJ moments/NNS to/TO mirth/NN and/CC joyousness/NN in/IN the/DT land/NN of/IN Fancy/NP ;/: you/PP who/WP think/VBP that /IN life/NN hath/VBZ nought/NN to/TO do/VB with/IN innocent/JJ laughter/NN that/WDT can/MD harm/VB no/RB one/CD ;/: these/DT pages/NNS are/VBP not/RB for/IN you/PP ./SENT Clap/NN to/TO the/DT leaves/NNS and/CC go/VB no/RB farther/RBR than/IN this/DT ,/, for/IN I/PP tell/VBP you/PP plainly/RB that /IN if/IN you/PP go/VBP farther/RBR you/PP will/MD be/VB scandalized/VBN by/IN seeing/VBG good/JJ ,/, sober/JJ folks/NNS of/IN real/JJ history/NN so/IN frisk/NN and/CC caper/NN in/IN gay/JJ colors/NNS and/CC motley/JJ that /IN you/PP would/MD not/RB know/VB them/PP but/CC for/IN the/DT names/NNS tagged/VBN to/TO them/PP ./SENT Here/RB is/VBZ a/DT stout/JJ ,/, lusty/JJ fellow/NN with/IN a/DT quick/JJ temper/NN ,/, yet/RB none/NN so/RB ill/RB for/IN all/PDT that/DT ,/, who/WP goes/VBZ by/IN the/DT name/NN of/IN Henry/NP II/NP ./SENT Here/RB is/VBZ a/DT fair/JJ ,/, gentle/JJ lady/NN before/IN whom/WP all/PDT the/DT others/NNS bow/VBP and/CC call/VBP her/PP$ Queen/NP Eleanor/NP ./SENT Here/RB is/VBZ a/DT fat/JJ rogue/NN of/IN a/DT fellow/NN ,/, dressed/VBN up/RP in/IN rich/JJ robes/NNS of/IN a/DT clerical/JJ kind/NN ,/, that /IN all/PDT the/DT good/JJ folk/NN call/VBP my/PP$ Lord/NP Bishop/NP of/IN Hereford/NP ./SENT Here/RB is/VBZ a/DT certain/JJ fellow/NN with/IN a/DT sour/JJ temper/NN and/CC a/DT grim/JJ look/NN --/: the/DT worshipful/JJ ,/, the/DT Sheriff/NP of/IN Nottingham/NP ./SENT And/CC here/RB ,/, above/IN all/DT ,/, is/VBZ a/DT great/JJ ,/, tall/JJ ,/, merry/JJ fellow/NN that/WDT roams/VBZ the/DT greenwood/NN and/CC joins/VBZ in/IN homely/JJ sports/NNS ,/, and/CC sits/VBZ beside/IN the/DT Sheriff/NP at/IN merry/JJ feast/NN ,/, which/WDT same/JJ beareth/NNS the/DT name/NN of/IN the/DT proudest/JJS of/IN the/DT Plantagenets/NNS --/: Richard/NP of/IN the/DT Lion/NP 's/POS Heart/NP ./SENT Beside/IN these/DT are/VBP a/DT whole/JJ host/NN of/IN knights/NNS ,/, priests/NNS ,/, nobles/NNS ,/, burghers/NNS ,/, yeomen/NNS ,/, pages/NNS ,/, ladies/NNS ,/, lasses/NNS ,/, landlords/NNS ,/, beggars/NNS ,/, peddlers/NNS ,/, and/CC what/WP not/RB ,/, all/RB living/VBG the/DT merriest/JJS of/IN merry/JJ lives/NNS ,/, and/CC all/RB bound/VBN by/IN nothing/NN but/CC a/DT few/JJ odd/JJ strands/NNS of/IN certain/JJ old/JJ ballads/NNS (/( snipped/VBN and/CC clipped/VBN and/CC tied/VBN together/RB again/RB in/IN a/DT score/NN of/IN knots/NNS )/) which/WDT draw/VBP these/DT jocund/JJ fellows/NNS here/RB and/CC there/RB ,/, singing/VBG as/IN they/PP go/VBP ./SENT Here/RB you/PP will/MD find/VB a/DT hundred/CD dull/JJ ,/, sober/JJ ,/, jogging/VBG places/NNS ,/, all/RB tricked/VBN out/RP with/IN flowers/NNS and/CC what/WP not/RB ,/, till/IN no/DT one/CD would/MD know/VB them/PP in/IN their/PP$ fanciful/JJ dress/NN ./SENT And/CC here/RB is/VBZ a/DT country/NN bearing/VBG a/DT well-known/JJ name/NN ,/, wherein/RB no/DT chill/NN mists/VBZ press/NN upon/IN our/PP$ spirits/NNS ,/, and/CC no/DT rain/NN falls/VBZ but/CC what/WP rolls/VBZ off/RP our/PP$ backs/NNS like/IN April/NP showers/NNS off/IN the/DT backs/NNS of/IN sleek/JJ drakes/NNS ;/: where/WRB flowers/NNS bloom/VBP forever/NNS and/CC birds/NNS are/VBP always/RB singing/VBG ;/: where/WRB every/DT fellow/NN hath/VBZ a/DT merry/JJ catch/NN as/IN he/PP travels/VBZ the/DT roads/NNS ,/, and/CC ale/NN and/CC beer/NN and/CC wine/NN (/( such/JJ as/IN muddle/NN no/DT wits/NN )/) flow/NN like/IN water/NN in/IN a/DT brook/NN ./SENT This/DT country/NN is/VBZ not/RB Fairyland/NP ./SENT What/WP is/VBZ it/PP ?/SENT 'Tis/NN the/DT land/NN of/IN Fancy/NP ,/, and/CC is/VBZ of/IN that/DT pleasant/JJ kind/NN that /IN ,/, when/WRB you/PP tire/VBP of/IN it/PP --/: whisk/NN !/SENT --/: you/PP clap/VBP the/DT leaves/NNS of/IN this/DT book/NN together/RB and/CC 'tis/NNS gone/VBN ,/, and/CC you/PP are/VBP ready/JJ for/IN everyday/JJ life/NN ,/, with/IN no/DT harm/NN done/VBN ./SENT And/CC now/RB I/PP lift/VB the/DT curtain/NN that/WDT hangs/VBZ between/IN here/RB and/CC No-man's-land/NP ./SENT Will/MD you/PP come/VB with/IN me/PP ,/, sweet/JJ Reader/NP ?/SENT I/PP thank/VBP you/PP ./SENT Give/VB me/PP your/PP$ hand/NN ./SENT CONTENTS/NNS How/WRB Robin/NP Hood/NP Came/NNS To/TO Be/VB An/DT Outlaw/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP And/CC The/DT Tinker/NP The/NP Shooting/NP Match/NP At/IN Nottingham/NP Town/NP Will/NP Stutely/NP Rescued/NP By/IN His/PP$ Companions/NNS Robin/NP Hood/NP Turns/NP Butcher/NP Little/NP John/NP Goes/VBZ To/TO Nottingham/NP Fair/NP How/WRB Little/NP John/NP Lived/NP At/IN The/DT Sheriff/NP 's/POS Little/NP John/NP And/CC The/DT Tanner/NP Of/IN Blyth/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP And/CC Will/NP Scarlet/NP The/DT Adventure/NN With/IN Midge/NP ,/, The/DT Miller/NP 's/POS Son/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP And/CC Allan/NP A/NP Dale/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP Seeks/NP The/DT Curtal/NP Friar/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP Compasses/NP A/NP Marriage/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP Aids/NP A/NP Sorrowful/NP Knight/NP How/WRB Sir/NP Richard/NP Of/IN The/DT Lea/NP Paid/NP His/PP$ Debts/NP Little/NP John/NP Turns/NP Barefoot/NP Friar/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP Turns/NP Beggar/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP Shoots/NP Before/IN Queen/NP Eleanor/NP The/NP Chase/NP Of/IN Robin/NP Hood/NP Robin/NP Hood/NP And/CC Guy/NP Of/IN Gisbourne/NP King/NP Richard/NP Comes/VBZ To/TO Sherwood/NP Forest/NP Epilogue/NP PROLOGUE/NP Giving/NP an/DT account/NN of/IN Robin/NP Hood/NP and/CC his/PP$ adventure/NN with/IN the/DT King/NP 's/POS Foresters/NNS ./SENT Also/RB telling/VBG how/WRB his/PP$ band/NN gathered/VBN around/IN him/PP ,/, and/CC of/IN the/DT merry/JJ adventure/NN that/WDT gained/VBD him/PP his/PP$ good/JJ right/JJ hand/NN man/NN ,/, the/DT famous/JJ Little/NP John/NP ./SENT How/WRB Robin/NP Hood/NP Came/NNS to/TO Be/VB an/DT Outlaw/NP IN/IN MERRY/NP ENGLAND/NP in/IN the/DT time/NN of/IN old/JJ ,/, when/WRB good/JJ King/NP Henry/NP the/DT Second/RB ruled/VBN the/DT land/NN ,/, there/RB lived/VBN within/IN the/DT green/JJ glades/NNS of/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP ,/, near/IN Nottingham/NP Town/NP ,/, a/DT famous/JJ outlaw/NN whose/WP$ name/NN was/VBD Robin/NP Hood/NP ./SENT No/DT archer/NN ever/RB lived/VBD that/WDT could/MD speed/VB a/DT gray/JJ goose/NN shaft/NN with/IN such/JJ skill/NN and/CC cunning/JJ as/IN his/PP$ ,/, nor/CC were/VBD there/RB ever/RB such/JJ yeomen/NNS as/IN the/DT sevenscore/JJ merry/JJ men/NNS that/WDT roamed/VBD with/IN him/PP through/IN the/DT greenwood/NN shades/NNS ./SENT Right/RB merrily/RB they/PP dwelled/VBD within/IN the/DT depths/NNS of/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP ,/, suffering/NN neither/CC care/NN nor/CC want/VB ,/, but/CC passing/VBG the/DT time/NN in/IN merry/JJ games/NNS of/IN archery/NN or/CC bouts/NNS of/IN cudgel/NN play/NN ,/, living/VBG upon/IN the/DT King/NP 's/POS venison/NN ,/, washed/VBN down/RP with/IN draughts/NNS of/IN ale/NN of/IN October/NP brewing/NN ./SENT Not/RB only/JJ Robin/NP himself/PP but/RB all/PDT the/DT band/NN were/VBD outlaws/NNS and/CC dwelled/VBD apart/RB from/IN other/JJ men/NNS ,/, yet/RB they/PP were/VBD beloved/JJ by/IN the/DT country/NN people/NNS round/VBP about/RB ,/, for/IN no/DT one/CD ever/RB came/VBD to/TO jolly/VB Robin/NP for/IN help/NN in/IN time/NN of/IN need/NN and/CC went/VBD away/RB again/RB with/IN an/DT empty/JJ fist/NN ./SENT And/CC now/RB I/PP will/MD tell/VB how/WRB it/PP came/VBD about/RB that /IN Robin/NP Hood/NP fell/VBD afoul/RB of/IN the/DT law/NN ./SENT When/WRB Robin/NP was/VBD a/DT youth/NN of/IN eighteen/CD ,/, stout/JJ of/IN sinew/NN and/CC bold/JJ of/IN heart/NN ,/, the/DT Sheriff/NP of/IN Nottingham/NP proclaimed/VBD a/DT shooting/VBG match/NN and/CC offered/VBD a/DT prize/NN of/IN a/DT butt/NN of/IN ale/NN to/TO whosoever/NN should/MD shoot/VB the/DT best/JJS shaft/NN in/IN Nottinghamshire/NP ./SENT "/'' Now/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/`` will/MD I/PP go/VB too/RB ,/, for/IN fain/RB would/MD I/PP draw/VB a/DT string/NN for/IN the/DT bright/JJ eyes/NNS of/IN my/PP$ lass/NN and/CC a/DT butt/NN of/IN good/JJ October/NP brewing/NN ./SENT "/'' So/RB up/RB he/PP got/VBD and/CC took/VBD his/PP$ good/JJ stout/JJ yew/NN bow/NN and/CC a/DT score/NN or/CC more/JJR of/IN broad/JJ clothyard/NN arrows/NNS ,/, and/CC started/VBD off/RP from/IN Locksley/NP Town/NP through/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP to/TO Nottingham/NP ./SENT It/PP was/VBD at/IN the/DT dawn/NN of/IN day/NN in/IN the/DT merry/JJ Maytime/NN ,/, when/WRB hedgerows/NNS are/VBP green/JJ and/CC flowers/NNS bedeck/VBP the/DT meadows/NNS ;/: daisies/NNS pied/VBN and/CC yellow/JJ cuckoo/NN buds/NNS and/CC fair/JJ primroses/NNS all/RB along/IN the/DT briery/JJ hedges/NNS ;/: when/WRB apple/NN buds/VBZ blossom/NN and/CC sweet/JJ birds/NNS sing/VBP ,/, the/DT lark/NN at/IN dawn/NN of/IN day/NN ,/, the/DT throstle/NN cock/NN and/CC cuckoo/NN ;/: when/WRB lads/NNS and/CC lasses/NNS look/VBP upon/IN each/DT other/JJ with/IN sweet/JJ thoughts/NNS ;/: when/WRB busy/JJ housewives/NNS spread/VBD their/PP$ linen/NN to/TO bleach/VB upon/IN the/DT bright/JJ green/JJ grass/NN ./SENT Sweet/JJ was/VBD the/DT greenwood/NN as/IN he/PP walked/VBD along/RP its/PP$ paths/NNS ,/, and/CC bright/RB the/DT green/JJ and/CC rustling/VBG leaves/NNS ,/, amid/IN which/WDT the/DT little/JJ birds/NNS sang/VBD with/IN might/NN and/CC main/JJ :/: and/CC blithely/RB Robin/NP whistled/VBD as/IN he/PP trudged/VBD along/RP ,/, thinking/VBG of/IN Maid/NP Marian/NP and/CC her/PP$ bright/JJ eyes/NNS ,/, for/IN at/IN such/JJ times/NNS a/DT youth/NN 's/POS thoughts/NNS are/VBP wont/JJ to/TO turn/VB pleasantly/RB upon/IN the/DT lass/NN that /IN he/PP loves/VBZ the/DT best/JJS ./SENT As/IN thus/RB he/PP walked/VBD along/RP with/IN a/DT brisk/JJ step/NN and/CC a/DT merry/JJ whistle/NN ,/, he/PP came/VBD suddenly/RB upon/IN some/DT foresters/NNS seated/VBN beneath/IN a/DT great/JJ oak/NN tree/NN ./SENT Fifteen/CD there/RB were/VBD in/IN all/DT ,/, making/VBG themselves/PP merry/JJ with/IN feasting/VBG and/CC drinking/VBG as/IN they/PP sat/VBD around/IN a/DT huge/JJ pasty/NN ,/, to/TO which/WDT each/DT man/NN helped/VBD himself/PP ,/, thrusting/VBG his/PP$ hands/NNS into/IN the/DT pie/NN ,/, and/CC washing/VBG down/RP that /IN which/WDT they/PP ate/VBD with/IN great/JJ horns/NNS of/IN ale/NN which/WDT they/PP drew/VBD all/DT foaming/VBG from/IN a/DT barrel/NN that/WDT stood/VBD nigh/RB ./SENT Each/DT man/NN was/VBD clad/VBN in/IN Lincoln/NP green/NN ,/, and/CC a/DT fine/JJ show/NN they/PP made/VBD ,/, seated/VBN upon/IN the/DT sward/NN beneath/IN that/DT fair/JJ ,/, spreading/VBG tree/NN ./SENT Then/RB one/CD of/IN them/PP ,/, with/IN his/PP$ mouth/NN full/JJ ,/, called/VBD out/RP to/TO Robin/NP ,/, "/'' Hulloa/NP ,/, where/WRB goest/JJS thou/NNS ,/, little/JJ lad/NN ,/, with/IN thy/JJ one-penny/JJ bow/NN and/CC thy/NN farthing/NN shafts/NNS ?/SENT "/'' Then/RB Robin/NP grew/VBD angry/JJ ,/, for/IN no/DT stripling/NN likes/VBZ to/TO be/VB taunted/VBN with/IN his/PP$ green/JJ years/NNS ./SENT "/'' Now/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD he/PP ,/, "/`` my/PP$ bow/NN and/CC eke/VB mine/NN arrows/NNS are/VBP as/RB good/JJ as/IN shine/NN ;/: and/CC moreover/RB ,/, I/PP go/VBP to/TO the/DT shooting/VBG match/NN at/IN Nottingham/NP Town/NP ,/, which/WDT same/RB has/VBZ been/VBN proclaimed/VBN by/IN our/PP$ good/JJ Sheriff/NP of/IN Nottinghamshire/NP ;/: there/RB I/PP will/MD shoot/VB with/IN other/JJ stout/JJ yeomen/NNS ,/, for/IN a/DT prize/NN has/VBZ been/VBN offered/VBN of/IN a/DT fine/JJ butt/NN of/IN ale/NN ./SENT "/'' Then/RB one/CD who/WP held/VBD a/DT horn/NN of/IN ale/NN in/IN his/PP$ hand/NN said/VBD ,/, "/`` Ho/NP !/SENT listen/VB to/TO the/DT lad/NN !/SENT Why/WRB ,/, boy/UH ,/, thy/NN mother/NN 's/POS milk/NN is/VBZ yet/RB scarce/JJ dry/NN upon/IN thy/NN lips/NNS ,/, and/CC yet/RB thou/NN pratest/NNS of/IN standing/VBG up/RP with/IN good/JJ stout/JJ men/NNS at/IN Nottingham/NP butts/NNS ,/, thou/NNS who/WP art/NN scarce/JJ able/JJ to/TO draw/VB one/CD string/NN of/IN a/DT two-stone/NN bow/NN ./SENT "/'' "/`` I/PP 'll/MD hold/VB the/DT best/JJS of/IN you/PP twenty/CD marks/NNS ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD bold/JJ Robin/NP ,/, "/'' that/WDT I/PP hit/VBD the/DT clout/NN at/IN threescore/JJ rods/NNS ,/, by/IN the/DT good/JJ help/NN of/IN Our/PP$ Lady/NP fair/NN ./SENT "/'' At/IN this/DT all/RB laughed/VBN aloud/RB ,/, and/CC one/PP said/VBD ,/, "/`` Well/RB boasted/VBN ,/, thou/NNS fair/JJ infant/NN ,/, well/RB boasted/VBN !/SENT And/CC well/RB thou/NNS knowest/VBP that /IN no/DT target/NN is/VBZ nigh/JJ to/TO make/VB good/JJ thy/NN wager/NN ./SENT "/'' And/CC another/DT cried/VBD ,/, "/`` He/PP will/MD be/VB taking/VBG ale/NN with/IN his/PP$ milk/NN next/JJ ./SENT "/'' At/IN this/DT Robin/NP grew/VBD right/RB mad/JJ ./SENT "/'' Hark/NP ye/NP ,/, "/'' said/VBD he/PP ,/, "/'' yonder/RB ,/, at/IN the/DT glade/NN 's/POS end/NN ,/, I/PP see/VBP a/DT herd/NN of/IN deer/NN ,/, even/RB more/JJR than/IN threescore/JJ rods/NNS distant/JJ ./SENT I/PP 'll/MD hold/VB you/PP twenty/CD marks/NNS that/WDT ,/, by/IN leave/NN of/IN Our/PP$ Lady/NP ,/, I/PP cause/VBP the/DT best/JJS hart/NN among/IN them/PP to/TO die/VB ./SENT "/'' "/`` Now/RB done/VBN !/SENT "/`` cried/VBN he/PP who/WP had/VBD spoken/VBN first/RB ./SENT "/'' And/CC here/RB are/VBP twenty/CD marks/NNS ./SENT I/PP wager/VBP that /IN thou/NNS causest/VBP no/DT beast/NN to/TO die/VB ,/, with/IN or/CC without/IN the/DT aid/NN of/IN Our/PP$ Lady/NP ./SENT "/'' Then/RB Robin/NP took/VBD his/PP$ good/JJ yew/NN bow/NN in/IN his/PP$ hand/NN ,/, and/CC placing/VBG the/DT tip/NN at/IN his/PP$ instep/NN ,/, he/PP strung/VBD it/PP right/RB deftly/RB ;/: then/RB he/PP nocked/VBD a/DT broad/JJ clothyard/NN arrow/NN and/CC ,/, raising/VBG the/DT bow/NN ,/, drew/VBD the/DT gray/JJ goose/NN feather/NN to/TO his/PP$ ear/NN ;/: the/DT next/JJ moment/NN the/DT bowstring/NN rang/VBD and/CC the/DT arrow/NN sped/VBD down/RP the/DT glade/NN as/IN a/DT sparrowhawk/NN skims/VBZ in/IN a/DT northern/JJ wind/NN ./SENT High/NP leaped/VBD the/DT noblest/JJS hart/NN of/IN all/PDT the/DT herd/NN ,/, only/RB to/TO fall/VB dead/JJ ,/, reddening/VBG the/DT green/JJ path/NN with/IN his/PP$ heart/NN 's/POS blood/NN ./SENT "/`` Ha/NP !/SENT "/'' cried/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/`` how/WRB likest/JJS thou/NNS that/DT shot/NN ,/, good/JJ fellow/NN ?/SENT I/PP wot/VBZ the/DT wager/NN were/VBD mine/JJ ,/, an/DT it/PP were/VBD three/CD hundred/CD pounds/NNS ./SENT "/'' Then/RB all/PDT the/DT foresters/NNS were/VBD filled/VBN with/IN rage/NN ,/, and/CC he/PP who/WP had/VBD spoken/VBN the/DT first/JJ and/CC had/VBD lost/VBN the/DT wager/NN was/VBD more/RBR angry/JJ than/IN all/DT ./SENT "/'' Nay/RB ,/, "/'' cried/VBD he/PP ,/, "/'' the/DT wager/NN is/VBZ none/NN of/IN thine/NN ,/, and/CC get/VB thee/NP gone/VBN ,/, straightway/RB ,/, or/CC ,/, by/IN all/PDT the/DT saints/NNS of/IN heaven/NN ,/, I/PP 'll/MD baste/VB thy/NN sides/NNS until/IN thou/NNS wilt/VBP ne'er/RB be/VB able/JJ to/TO walk/VB again/RB ./SENT "/'' "/`` Knowest/NN thou/NNS not/RB ,/, "/'' said/VBD another/DT ,/, "/'' that/WDT thou/NNS hast/NP killed/VBD the/DT King/NP 's/POS deer/NN ,/, and/CC ,/, by/IN the/DT laws/NNS of/IN our/PP$ gracious/JJ lord/NN and/CC sovereign/JJ King/NP Harry/NP ,/, thine/NN ears/NNS should/MD be/VB shaven/VBN close/RB to/TO thy/NN head/NN ?/SENT "/'' "/`` Catch/VB him/PP !/SENT "/'' cried/VBD a/DT third/JJ ./SENT "/'' Nay/RB ,/, "/'' said/VBD a/DT fourth/JJ ,/, "/'' let/VBD him/PP e'en/RB go/VBP because/IN of/IN his/PP$ tender/NN years/NNS ./SENT "/'' Never/RB a/DT word/NN said/VBD Robin/NP Hood/NP ,/, but/CC he/PP looked/VBD at/IN the/DT foresters/NNS with/IN a/DT grim/JJ face/NN ;/: then/RB ,/, turning/VBG on/IN his/PP$ heel/NN ,/, strode/VBD away/RB from/IN them/PP down/IN the/DT forest/NN glade/NN ./SENT But/CC his/PP$ heart/NN was/VBD bitterly/RB angry/JJ ,/, for/IN his/PP$ blood/NN was/VBD hot/JJ and/CC youthful/JJ and/CC prone/JJ to/TO boil/VB ./SENT Now/RB ,/, well/RB would/MD it/PP have/VBP been/VBN for/IN him/PP who/WP had/VBD first/RB spoken/VBN had/VBD he/PP left/VBD Robin/NP Hood/NP alone/RB ;/: but/CC his/PP$ anger/NN was/VBD hot/JJ ,/, both/CC because/IN the/DT youth/NN had/VBD gotten/VBN the/DT better/JJR of/IN him/PP and/CC because/IN of/IN the/DT deep/JJ draughts/NN of/IN ale/NN that /IN he/PP had/VBD been/VBN quaffing/VBG ./SENT So/RB ,/, of/IN a/DT sudden/JJ ,/, without/IN any/DT warning/NN ,/, he/PP sprang/VBD to/TO his/PP$ feet/NNS ,/, and/CC seized/VBD upon/RP his/PP$ bow/NN and/CC fitted/VBD it/PP to/TO a/DT shaft/NN ./SENT "/'' Ay/RB ,/, "/'' cried/VBD he/PP ,/, "/`` and/CC I/PP 'll/MD hurry/VB thee/NP anon/RB ./SENT "/`` And/CC he/PP sent/VBD the/DT arrow/NN whistling/NN after/IN Robin/NP ./SENT It/PP was/VBD well/RB for/IN Robin/NP Hood/NP that /IN that/DT same/JJ forester/NN 's/POS head/NN was/VBD spinning/VBG with/IN ale/NN ,/, or/CC else/RB he/PP would/MD never/RB have/VB taken/VBN another/DT step/NN ./SENT As/IN it/PP was/VBD ,/, the/DT arrow/NN whistled/VBN within/IN three/CD inches/NNS of/IN his/PP$ head/NN ./SENT Then/RB he/PP turned/VBD around/RB and/CC quickly/RB drew/VBD his/PP$ own/JJ bow/NN ,/, and/CC sent/VBD an/DT arrow/NN back/RB in/IN return/NN ./SENT "/'' Ye/NP said/VBD I/PP was/VBD no/DT archer/NN ,/, "/'' cried/VBD he/PP aloud/RB ,/, "/'' but/CC say/VBP so/RB now/RB again/RB !/SENT "/'' The/DT shaft/NN flew/VBD straight/RB ;/: the/DT archer/NN fell/VBD forward/RB with/IN a/DT cry/NN ,/, and/CC lay/VBD on/IN his/PP$ face/NN upon/IN the/DT ground/NN ,/, his/PP$ arrows/NNS rattling/VBG about/IN him/PP from/IN out/RB of/IN his/PP$ quiver/NN ,/, the/DT gray/JJ goose/NN shaft/NN wet/VBN with/IN his/PP$ ;/: heart/NN 's/POS blood/NN ./SENT Then/RB ,/, before/IN the/DT others/NNS could/MD gather/VB their/PP$ wits/NNS about/IN them/PP ,/, Robin/NP Hood/NP was/VBD gone/VBN into/IN the/DT depths/NNS of/IN the/DT greenwood/NN ./SENT Some/DT started/VBD after/IN him/PP ,/, but/CC not/RB with/IN much/JJ heart/NN ,/, for/IN each/DT feared/VBN to/TO suffer/VB the/DT death/NN of/IN his/PP$ fellow/NN ;/: so/RB presently/RB they/PP all/RB came/VBD and/CC lifted/VBD the/DT dead/JJ man/NN up/RB and/CC bore/VBD him/PP away/RP to/TO Nottingham/NP Town/NP ./SENT Meanwhile/RB Robin/NP Hood/NP ran/VBD through/IN the/DT greenwood/NN ./SENT Gone/VBN was/VBD all/PDT the/DT joy/NN and/CC brightness/NN from/IN everything/NN ,/, for/IN his/PP$ heart/NN was/VBD sick/JJ within/IN him/PP ,/, and/CC it/PP was/VBD borne/VBN in/IN upon/IN his/PP$ soul/NN that /IN he/PP had/VBD slain/VBN a/DT man/NN ./SENT "/`` Alas/UH !/SENT "/`` cried/VBN he/PP ,/, "/'' thou/NNS hast/NP found/VBD me/PP an/DT archer/NN that/WDT will/MD make/VB thy/JJ wife/NN to/TO wring/VB !/SENT I/PP would/MD that/DT thou/NN hadst/NN ne'er/RB said/VBD one/CD word/NN to/TO me/PP ,/, or/CC that /IN I/PP had/VBD never/RB passed/VBN thy/NN way/NN ,/, or/CC e'en/RB that /IN my/PP$ right/JJ forefinger/NN had/VBD been/VBN stricken/VBN off/RP ere/IN that /IN this/DT had/VBD happened/VBN !/SENT In/IN haste/NN I/PP smote/VBD ,/, but/CC grieve/VB I/PP sore/JJ at/IN leisure/NN !/SENT "/'' And/CC then/RB ,/, even/RB in/IN his/PP$ trouble/NN ,/, he/PP remembered/VBD the/DT old/JJ saw/NN that /IN "/`` What/WP is/VBZ done/VBN is/VBZ done/VBN ;/: and/CC the/DT egg/NN cracked/VBN cannot/MD be/VB cured/VBN ./SENT "/'' And/CC so/RB he/PP came/VBD to/TO dwell/VB in/IN the/DT greenwood/NN that/WDT was/VBD to/TO be/VB his/PP$ home/NN for/IN many/JJ a/DT year/NN to/TO come/VB ,/, never/RB again/RB to/TO see/VB the/DT happy/JJ days/NNS with/IN the/DT lads/NNS and/CC lasses/NNS of/IN sweet/JJ Locksley/NP Town/NP ;/: for/IN he/PP was/VBD outlawed/VBN ,/, not/RB only/RB because/IN he/PP had/VBD killed/VBN a/DT man/NN ,/, but/CC also/RB because/IN he/PP had/VBD poached/VBN upon/IN the/DT King/NP 's/POS deer/NN ,/, and/CC two/CD hundred/CD pounds/NNS were/VBD set/VBN upon/IN his/PP$ head/NN ,/, as/IN a/DT reward/NN for/IN whoever/WP would/MD bring/VB him/PP to/TO the/DT court/NN of/IN the/DT King/NP ./SENT Now/RB the/DT Sheriff/NP of/IN Nottingham/NP swore/VBD that /IN he/PP himself/PP would/MD bring/VB this/DT knave/NN Robin/NP Hood/NP to/TO justice/NN ,/, and/CC for/IN two/CD reasons/NNS :/: first/RB ,/, because/IN he/PP wanted/VBD the/DT two/CD hundred/CD pounds/NNS ,/, and/CC next/JJ ,/, because/IN the/DT forester/NN that /IN Robin/NP Hood/NP had/VBD killed/VBN was/VBD of/IN kin/NN to/TO him/PP ./SENT But/CC Robin/NP Hood/NP lay/VBD hidden/JJ in/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP for/IN one/CD year/NN ,/, and/CC in/IN that/DT time/NN there/RB gathered/VBD around/IN him/PP many/JJ others/NNS like/IN himself/PP ,/, cast/VB out/RP from/IN other/JJ folk/NN for/IN this/DT cause/NN and/CC for/IN that/DT ./SENT Some/DT had/VBD shot/VBN deer/NN in/IN hungry/JJ wintertime/NN ,/, when/WRB they/PP could/MD get/VB no/DT other/JJ food/NN ,/, and/CC had/VBD been/VBN seen/VBN in/IN the/DT act/NN by/IN the/DT foresters/NNS ,/, but/CC had/VBD escaped/VBN ,/, thus/RB saving/VBG their/PP$ ears/NNS ;/: some/DT had/VBD been/VBN turned/VBN out/RP of/IN their/PP$ inheritance/NN ,/, that /IN their/PP$ farms/NNS might/MD be/VB added/VBN to/TO the/DT King/NP 's/POS lands/NNS in/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP ;/: some/DT had/VBD been/VBN despoiled/VBN by/IN a/DT great/JJ baron/NN or/CC a/DT rich/JJ abbot/NN or/CC a/DT powerful/JJ esquire/NN --/: all/RB ,/, for/IN one/CD cause/NN or/CC another/DT ,/, had/VBD come/VBN to/TO Sherwood/NP to/TO escape/VB wrong/JJ and/CC oppression/NN ./SENT So/RB ,/, in/IN all/PDT that/DT year/NN ,/, fivescore/NN or/CC more/JJR good/JJ stout/JJ yeomen/NNS gathered/VBN about/IN Robin/NP Hood/NP ,/, and/CC chose/VBD him/PP to/TO be/VB their/PP$ leader/NN and/CC chief/JJ ./SENT Then/RB they/PP vowed/VBD that /IN even/RB as/IN they/PP themselves/PP had/VBD been/VBN despoiled/VBN they/PP would/MD despoil/VB their/PP$ oppressors/NNS ,/, whether/IN baron/NN ,/, abbot/NN ,/, knight/NN ,/, or/CC squire/NN ,/, and/CC that /IN from/IN each/DT they/PP would/MD take/VB that/DT which/WDT had/VBD been/VBN wrung/VBN from/IN the/DT poor/NN by/IN unjust/JJ taxes/NNS ,/, or/CC land/NN rents/NNS ,/, or/CC in/IN wrongful/JJ fines/NNS ./SENT But/CC to/TO the/DT poor/JJ folk/NN they/PP would/MD give/VB a/DT helping/VBG hand/NN in/IN need/NN and/CC trouble/NN ,/, and/CC would/MD return/VB to/TO them/PP that /IN which/WDT had/VBD been/VBN unjustly/RB taken/VBN from/IN them/PP ./SENT Besides/IN this/DT ,/, they/PP swore/VBD never/RB to/TO harm/VB a/DT child/NN nor/CC to/TO wrong/VB a/DT woman/NN ,/, be/VB she/PP maid/NN ,/, wife/NN ,/, or/CC widow/NN ;/: so/RB that /IN ,/, after/IN a/DT while/NN ,/, when/WRB the/DT people/NNS began/VBD to/TO find/VB that /IN no/DT harm/NN was/VBD meant/VBN to/TO them/PP ,/, but/CC that/DT money/NN or/CC food/NN came/VBD in/IN time/NN of/IN want/NN to/TO many/JJ a/DT poor/JJ family/NN ,/, they/PP came/VBD to/TO praise/VB Robin/NP and/CC his/PP$ merry/JJ men/NNS ,/, and/CC to/TO tell/VB many/JJ tales/NNS of/IN him/PP and/CC of/IN his/PP$ doings/NNS in/IN Sherwood/NP Forest/NP ,/, for/IN they/PP felt/VBD him/PP to/TO be/VB one/CD of/IN themselves/PP ./SENT Up/RB rose/VBD Robin/NP Hood/NP one/CD merry/JJ morn/NN when/WRB all/PDT the/DT birds/NNS were/VBD singing/VBG blithely/RB among/IN the/DT leaves/NNS ,/, and/CC up/RB rose/VBD all/PDT his/PP$ merry/JJ men/NNS ,/, each/DT fellow/NN washing/VBG his/PP$ head/NN and/CC hands/NNS in/IN the/DT cold/JJ brown/JJ brook/NN that/WDT leaped/VBD laughing/VBG from/IN stone/NN to/TO stone/NN ./SENT Then/RB said/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/'' For/IN fourteen/NN days/NNS have/VBP we/PP seen/VBN no/DT sport/NN ,/, so/RB now/RB I/PP will/MD go/VB abroad/RB to/TO seek/VB adventures/NNS forthwith/RB ./SENT But/CC tarry/VB ye/NN ,/, my/PP$ merry/JJ men/NNS all/RB ,/, here/RB in/IN the/DT greenwood/NN ;/: only/RB see/VBP that /IN ye/NNS mind/VB well/RB my/PP$ call/NN ./SENT Three/CD blasts/NNS upon/IN the/DT bugle/NN horn/NN I/PP will/MD blow/VB in/IN my/PP$ hour/NN of/IN need/NN ;/: then/RB come/VB quickly/RB ,/, for/IN I/PP shall/MD want/VB your/PP$ aid/NN ./SENT "/`` So/RB saying/VBG ,/, he/PP strode/VBD away/RB through/IN the/DT leafy/JJ forest/NN glades/NNS until/IN he/PP had/VBD come/VBN to/TO the/DT verge/NN of/IN Sherwood/NP ./SENT There/RB he/PP wandered/VBD for/IN a/DT long/JJ time/NN ,/, through/IN highway/NN and/CC byway/NN ,/, through/IN dingly/JJ dell/NN and/CC forest/NN skirts/NNS ./SENT Now/RB he/PP met/VBD a/DT fair/JJ buxom/JJ lass/NN in/IN a/DT shady/JJ lane/NN ,/, and/CC each/DT gave/VBD the/DT other/JJ a/DT merry/JJ word/NN and/CC passed/VBD their/PP$ way/NN ;/: now/RB he/PP saw/VBD a/DT fair/JJ lady/NN upon/IN an/DT ambling/VBG pad/NN ,/, to/TO whom/WP he/PP doffed/VBD his/PP$ cap/NN ,/, and/CC who/WP bowed/VBD sedately/RB in/IN return/NN to/TO the/DT fair/JJ youth/NN ;/: now/RB he/PP saw/VBD a/DT fat/JJ monk/NN on/IN a/DT pannier-laden/JJ ass/NN ;/: now/RB a/DT gallant/JJ knight/NN ,/, with/IN spear/NN and/CC shield/NN and/CC armor/NN that/WDT flashed/VBD brightly/RB in/IN the/DT sunlight/NN ;/: now/RB a/DT page/NN clad/VBN in/IN crimson/JJ ;/: and/CC now/RB a/DT stout/JJ burgher/NN from/IN good/JJ Nottingham/NP Town/NP ,/, pacing/VBG along/RP with/IN serious/JJ footsteps/NNS ;/: all/PDT these/DT sights/NNS he/PP saw/VBD ,/, but/CC adventure/NN found/VBD he/PP none/NN ./SENT At/IN last/JJ he/PP took/VBD a/DT road/NN by/IN the/DT forest/NN skirts/VBZ ,/, a/DT bypath/NN that/WDT dipped/VBD toward/IN a/DT broad/JJ ,/, pebbly/JJ stream/NN spanned/VBN by/IN a/DT narrow/JJ bridge/NN made/VBN of/IN a/DT log/NN of/IN wood/NN ./SENT As/IN he/PP drew/VBD nigh/IN this/DT bridge/NN he/PP saw/VBD a/DT tall/JJ stranger/NN coming/VBG from/IN the/DT other/JJ side/NN ./SENT Thereupon/RB Robin/NP quickened/VBD his/PP$ pace/NN ,/, as/RB did/VBD the/DT stranger/NN likewise/RB ,/, each/DT thinking/NN to/TO cross/VB first/JJ ./SENT "/'' Now/RB stand/VBP thou/NNS back/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/'' and/CC let/VB the/DT better/JJR man/NN cross/NN first/JJ ./SENT "/'' "/`` Nay/NP ,/, "/'' answered/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, "/'' then/RB stand/VBP back/RB shine/VB own/JJ self/NN ,/, for/IN the/DT better/JJR man/NN ,/, I/PP wet/VBD ,/, am/VBP I./NP "/'' "/`` That/DT will/MD we/PP presently/RB see/VBP ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/'' and/CC meanwhile/RB stand/VB thou/NNS where/WRB thou/NN art/NN ,/, or/CC else/RB ,/, by/IN the/DT bright/JJ brow/NN of/IN Saint/NP AElfrida/NP ,/, I/PP will/MD show/VB thee/NP right/NN good/JJ Nottingham/NP play/NN with/IN a/DT clothyard/NN shaft/NN betwixt/IN thy/NN ribs/NNS ./SENT "/'' "/'' Now/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, "/'' I/PP will/MD tan/VB thy/NNS hide/VB till/IN it/PP be/VB as/IN many/JJ colors/NNS as/IN a/DT beggar/NN 's/POS cloak/NN ,/, if/IN thou/NN darest/NNS so/RB much/RB as/RB touch/VB a/DT string/NN of/IN that/DT same/JJ bow/NN that /IN thou/NN holdest/NN in/IN thy/NN hands/NNS ./SENT "/'' "/`` Thou/NN pratest/NNS like/IN an/DT ass/NN ,/, "/'' said/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/`` for/IN I/PP could/MD send/VB this/DT shaft/NN clean/JJ through/IN thy/JJ proud/JJ heart/NN before/IN a/DT curtal/JJ friar/NN could/MD say/VB grace/NN over/IN a/DT roast/NN goose/NN at/IN Michaelmastide/NP ./SENT "/'' "/'' And/CC thou/NN pratest/NNS like/IN a/DT coward/NN ,/, "/'' answered/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, "/'' for/IN thou/NN standest/NN there/RB with/IN a/DT good/JJ yew/NN bow/NN to/TO shoot/VB at/IN my/PP$ heart/NN ,/, while/IN I/PP have/VBP nought/NN in/IN my/PP$ hand/NN but/CC a/DT plain/JJ blackthorn/NN staff/NN wherewith/RB to/TO meet/VB thee/NP ./SENT "/'' "/'' Now/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/`` by/IN the/DT faith/NN of/IN my/PP$ heart/NN ,/, never/RB have/VBP I/PP had/VBD a/DT coward/NN 's/POS name/NN in/IN all/PDT my/PP$ life/NN before/RB ./SENT I/PP will/MD lay/VB by/IN my/PP$ trusty/JJ bow/NN and/CC eke/VB my/PP$ arrows/NNS ,/, and/CC if/IN thou/NN darest/NNS abide/VB my/PP$ coming/VBG ,/, I/PP will/MD go/VB and/CC cut/VB a/DT cudgel/NN to/TO test/VB thy/NN manhood/NN withal/RB ./SENT "/'' "/'' Ay/RB ,/, marry/VB ,/, that/WDT will/MD I/PP abide/VB thy/NNS coming/VBG ,/, and/CC joyously/RB ,/, too/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ;/: whereupon/IN he/PP leaned/VBD sturdily/RB upon/IN his/PP$ staff/NN to/TO await/VB Robin/NP ./SENT Then/RB Robin/NP Hood/NP stepped/VBD quickly/RB to/TO the/DT coverside/NN and/CC cut/VB a/DT good/JJ staff/NN of/IN ground/NN oak/NN ,/, straight/RB ,/, without/IN new/JJ ,/, and/CC six/CD feet/NNS in/IN length/NN ,/, and/CC came/VBD back/RB trimming/VBG away/RP the/DT tender/NN stems/VBZ from/IN it/PP ,/, while/IN the/DT stranger/NN waited/VBD for/IN him/PP ,/, leaning/VBG upon/IN his/PP$ staff/NN ,/, and/CC whistling/VBG as/IN he/PP gazed/VBD round/NN about/RB ./SENT Robin/NP observed/VBD him/PP furtively/RB as/IN he/PP trimmed/VBD his/PP$ staff/NN ,/, measuring/VBG him/PP from/IN top/NN to/TO toe/VB from/IN out/IN the/DT corner/NN of/IN his/PP$ eye/NN ,/, and/CC thought/VBD that /IN he/PP had/VBD never/RB seen/VBN a/DT lustier/JJR or/CC a/DT stouter/JJR man/NN ./SENT Tall/JJ was/VBD Robin/NP ,/, but/CC taller/JJR was/VBD the/DT stranger/NN by/IN a/DT head/NN and/CC a/DT neck/NN ,/, for/IN he/PP was/VBD seven/CD feet/NNS in/IN height/NN ./SENT Broad/NP was/VBD Robin/NP across/IN the/DT shoulders/NNS ,/, but/CC broader/JJR was/VBD the/DT stranger/NN by/IN twice/RB the/DT breadth/NN of/IN a/DT palm/NN ,/, while/IN he/PP measured/VBD at/IN least/JJS an/DT ell/NN around/IN the/DT waist/NN ./SENT "/'' Nevertheless/RB ,/, "/'' said/VBD Robin/NP to/TO himself/PP ,/, "/`` I/PP will/MD baste/VB thy/NNS hide/VB right/RB merrily/RB ,/, my/PP$ good/JJ fellow/NN "/'' ;/: then/RB ,/, aloud/RB ,/, "/'' Lo/NP ,/, here/RB is/VBZ my/PP$ good/JJ staff/NN ,/, lusty/JJ and/CC tough/JJ ./SENT Now/RB wait/VB my/PP$ coming/VBG ,/, an/DT thou/NN darest/NN ,/, and/CC meet/VB me/PP an/DT thou/NN fearest/NN not/RB ./SENT Then/RB we/PP will/MD fight/VB until/IN one/CD or/CC the/DT other/JJ of/IN us/PP tumble/VBP into/IN the/DT stream/NN by/IN dint/NN of/IN blows/NNS ./SENT "/'' "/`` Marry/VB ,/, that/DT meeteth/NN my/PP$ whole/JJ heart/NN !/SENT "/'' cried/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, twirling/VBG his/PP$ staff/NN above/IN his/PP$ head/NN ,/, betwixt/IN his/PP$ fingers/NNS and/CC thumb/NN ,/, until/IN it/PP whistled/VBD again/RB ./SENT Never/RB did/VBD the/DT Knights/NP of/IN Arthur/NP 's/POS Round/NP Table/NP meet/VB in/IN a/DT stouter/JJR fight/NN than/IN did/VBD these/DT two/CD ./SENT In/IN a/DT moment/NN Robin/NP stepped/VBD quickly/RB upon/IN the/DT bridge/NN where/WRB the/DT stranger/NN stood/VBD ;/: first/RB he/PP made/VBD a/DT feint/NN ,/, and/CC then/RB delivered/VBN a/DT blow/NN at/IN the/DT stranger/NN 's/POS head/NN that /IN ,/, had/VBD it/PP met/VBD its/PP$ mark/NN ,/, would/MD have/VB tumbled/VBN him/PP speedily/RB into/IN the/DT water/NN ./SENT But/CC the/DT stranger/NN turned/VBD the/DT blow/NN right/RB deftly/RB and/CC in/IN return/NN gave/VBD one/CD as/IN stout/NN ,/, which/WDT Robin/NP also/RB turned/VBD as/IN the/DT stranger/NN had/VBD done/VBN ./SENT So/RB they/PP stood/VBD ,/, each/DT in/IN his/PP$ place/NN ,/, neither/CC moving/VBG a/DT finger's-breadth/NN back/RB ,/, for/IN one/CD good/JJ hour/NN ,/, and/CC many/JJ blows/NNS were/VBD given/VBN and/CC received/VBN by/IN each/DT in/IN that/DT time/NN ,/, till/IN here/RB and/CC there/EX were/VBD sore/JJ bones/NNS and/CC bumps/NNS ,/, yet/RB neither/RB thought/VBN of/IN crying/VBG "/`` Enough/JJ ,/, "/'' nor/CC seemed/VBD likely/RB to/TO fall/VB from/IN off/IN the/DT bridge/NN ./SENT Now/RB and/CC then/RB they/PP stopped/VBD to/TO rest/VB ,/, and/CC each/DT thought/NN that /IN he/PP never/RB had/VBD seen/VBN in/IN all/PDT his/PP$ life/NN before/IN such/PDT a/DT hand/NN at/IN quarterstaff/NN ./SENT At/IN last/JJ Robin/NP gave/VBD the/DT stranger/NN a/DT blow/NN upon/IN the/DT ribs/NNS that/WDT made/VBD his/PP$ jacket/NN smoke/NN like/IN a/DT damp/JJ straw/JJ thatch/NN in/IN the/DT sun/NN ./SENT So/RB shrewd/JJ was/VBD the/DT stroke/NN that /IN the/DT stranger/NN came/VBD within/IN a/DT hair's-breadth/NN of/IN falling/VBG off/RP the/DT bridge/NN ,/, but/CC he/PP regained/VBD himself/PP right/RB quickly/RB and/CC ,/, by/IN a/DT dexterous/JJ blow/NN ,/, gave/VBD Robin/NP a/DT crack/NN on/IN the/DT crown/NN that/WDT caused/VBD the/DT blood/NN to/TO flow/VB ./SENT Then/RB Robin/NP grew/VBD mad/JJ with/IN anger/NN and/CC smote/VB with/IN all/PDT his/PP$ might/NN at/IN the/DT other/JJ ./SENT But/CC the/DT stranger/NN warded/VBD the/DT blow/NN and/CC once/RB again/RB thwacked/VBN Robin/NP ,/, and/CC this/DT time/NN so/RB fairly/RB that /IN he/PP fell/VBD heels/NNS over/IN head/NN into/IN the/DT water/NN ,/, as/IN the/DT queen/NN pin/NN falls/VBZ in/IN a/DT game/NN of/IN bowls/NNS ./SENT "/`` And/CC where/WRB art/NN thou/NNS now/RB ,/, my/PP$ good/JJ lad/NN ?/SENT "/'' shouted/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, roaring/VBG with/IN laughter/NN ./SENT "/`` Oh/UH ,/, in/IN the/DT flood/NN and/CC floating/JJ adown/NN with/IN the/DT tide/NN ,/, "/'' cried/VBD Robin/NP ,/, nor/CC could/MD he/PP forbear/VB laughing/VBG himself/PP at/IN his/PP$ sorry/JJ plight/NN ./SENT Then/RB ,/, gaining/VBG his/PP$ feet/NNS ,/, he/PP waded/VBD to/TO the/DT bank/NN ,/, the/DT little/JJ fish/NN speeding/VBG hither/RB and/CC thither/RB ,/, all/DT frightened/JJ at/IN his/PP$ splashing/VBG ./SENT "/`` Give/VB me/PP thy/JJ hand/NN ,/, "/'' cried/VBD he/PP ,/, when/WRB he/PP had/VBD reached/VBN the/DT bank/NN ./SENT "/`` I/PP must/MD needs/RB own/VB thou/NN art/NN a/DT brave/NN and/CC a/DT sturdy/JJ soul/NN and/CC ,/, withal/RB ,/, a/DT good/JJ stout/JJ stroke/NN with/IN the/DT cudgels/NNS ./SENT By/IN this/DT and/CC by/IN that/DT ,/, my/PP$ head/NN hummeth/NNS like/VBP to/TO a/DT hive/NN of/IN bees/NNS on/IN a/DT hot/JJ June/NP day/NN ./SENT "/`` Then/RB he/PP clapped/VBD his/PP$ horn/NN to/TO his/PP$ lips/NNS and/CC winded/VBD a/DT blast/NN that/WDT went/VBD echoing/VBG sweetly/RB down/RB the/DT forest/NN paths/NNS ./SENT "/'' Ay/RB ,/, marry/VB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD he/PP again/RB ,/, "/`` thou/NN art/NN a/DT tall/JJ lad/NN ,/, and/CC eke/VB a/DT brave/JJ one/CD ,/, for/IN ne'er/RB ,/, I/PP bow/VBP ,/, is/VBZ there/RB a/DT man/NN betwixt/IN here/RB and/CC Canterbury/NP Town/NP could/MD do/VB the/DT like/VBP to/TO me/PP that /IN thou/NN hast/NP done/VBN ./SENT "/'' "/`` And/CC thou/NNS ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, laughing/VBG ,/, "/'' takest/JJ thy/NNS cudgeling/VBG like/IN a/DT brave/JJ heart/NN and/CC a/DT stout/JJ yeoman/NN ./SENT "/'' But/CC now/RB the/DT distant/JJ twigs/NNS and/CC branches/NNS rustled/VBN with/IN the/DT coming/VBG of/IN men/NNS ,/, and/CC suddenly/RB a/DT score/NN or/CC two/CD of/IN good/JJ stout/JJ yeomen/NNS ,/, all/RB clad/VBN in/IN Lincoln/NP green/NN ,/, burst/VBN from/IN out/IN the/DT covert/JJ ,/, with/IN merry/JJ Will/NP Stutely/NP at/IN their/PP$ head/NN ./SENT "/'' Good/JJ master/NN ,/, "/'' cried/VBD Will/NP ,/, "/`` how/WRB is/VBZ this/DT ?/SENT Truly/RB thou/NN art/NN all/DT wet/NN from/IN head/NN to/TO foot/NN ,/, and/CC that /IN to/TO the/DT very/JJ skin/NN ./SENT "/'' "/'' Why/WRB ,/, marry/VB ,/, "/'' answered/VBD jolly/JJ Robin/NP ,/, "/`` yon/NN stout/NN fellow/NN hath/VBZ tumbled/VBN me/PP neck/NN and/CC crop/NN into/IN the/DT water/NN and/CC hath/VBZ given/VBN me/PP a/DT drubbing/NN beside/RB ./SENT "/'' "/`` Then/RB shall/MD he/PP not/RB go/VBP without/IN a/DT ducking/VBG and/CC eke/VB a/DT drubbing/NN himself/PP !/SENT "/'' cried/VBD Will/NP Stutely/NP ./SENT "/`` Have/VBP at/IN him/PP ,/, lads/NNS !/SENT "/'' Then/RB Will/NP and/CC a/DT score/NN of/IN yeomen/NNS leaped/VBN upon/IN the/DT stranger/NN ,/, but/CC though/IN they/PP sprang/VBD quickly/RB they/PP found/VBD him/PP ready/JJ and/CC felt/VBD him/PP strike/VBP right/RB and/CC left/VBN with/IN his/PP$ stout/JJ staff/NN ,/, so/RB that /IN ,/, though/IN he/PP went/VBD down/RP with/IN press/NN of/IN numbers/NNS ,/, some/DT of/IN them/PP rubbed/VBD cracked/JJ crowns/NNS before/IN he/PP was/VBD overcome/VBN ./SENT "/'' Nay/RB ,/, forbear/NN !/SENT "/'' cried/VBD Robin/NP ,/, laughing/VBG until/IN his/PP$ sore/JJ sides/NNS ached/VBN again/RB ./SENT "/`` He/PP is/VBZ a/DT right/JJ good/JJ man/NN and/CC true/JJ ,/, and/CC no/DT harm/NN shall/MD befall/VB him/PP ./SENT Now/RB hark/VB ye/NN ,/, good/JJ youth/NN ,/, wilt/NN thou/NNS stay/VBP with/IN me/PP and/CC be/VB one/CD of/IN my/PP$ band/NN ?/SENT Three/CD suits/NNS of/IN Lincoln/NP green/NN shalt/VBP thou/NNS have/VBP each/DT year/NN ,/, beside/IN forty/NN marks/NNS in/IN fee/NN ,/, and/CC share/NN with/IN us/PP whatsoever/RB good/JJ shall/MD befall/VB us/PP ./SENT Thou/NNS shalt/VBP eat/VB sweet/JJ venison/NN and/CC quaff/VB the/DT stoutest/JJS ale/NN ,/, and/CC mine/PP own/VBP good/JJ right-hand/JJ man/NN shalt/VBP thou/NN be/VB ,/, for/IN never/RB did/VBD I/PP see/VBP such/PDT a/DT cudgel/NN player/NN in/IN all/PDT my/PP$ life/NN before/RB ./SENT Speak/VB !/SENT Wilt/NN thou/NNS be/VB one/CD of/IN my/PP$ good/JJ merry/JJ men/NNS ?/SENT "/'' "/'' That/WDT know/VBP I/PP not/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD the/DT stranger/NN surlily/RB ,/, for/IN he/PP was/VBD angry/JJ at/IN being/VBG so/RB tumbled/VBN about/RB ./SENT "/'' If/IN ye/NN handle/VB yew/NN bow/NN and/CC apple/NN shaft/NN no/RB better/RBR than/IN ye/NN do/VBP oaken/JJ cudgel/NN ,/, I/PP wot/VBZ ye/NNS are/VBP not/RB fit/VBN to/TO be/VB called/VBN yeomen/NNS in/IN my/PP$ country/NN ;/: but/CC if/IN there/EX be/VB any/DT man/NN here/RB that /IN can/MD shoot/VB a/DT better/JJR shaft/NN than/IN I/PP ,/, then/RB will/MD I/PP bethink/VB me/PP of/IN joining/VBG with/IN you/PP ./SENT "/'' "/`` Now/RB by/IN my/PP$ faith/NN ,/, "/'' said/VBD Robin/NP ,/, "/`` thou/NN art/NN a/DT right/JJ saucy/JJ varlet/NN ,/, sirrah/NN ;/: yet/RB I/PP will/MD stoop/VB to/TO thee/NP as/IN I/PP never/RB stooped/VBD to/TO man/VB before/RB ./SENT Good/JJ Stutely/NP ,/, cut/NN thou/NNS a/DT fair/JJ white/JJ piece/NN of/IN bark/NN four/CD fingers/NNS in/IN breadth/NN ,/, and/CC set/VBD it/PP fourscore/JJ yards/NNS distant/JJ on/IN yonder/RB oak/NN ./SENT Now/RB ,/, stranger/NN ,/, hit/VBD that /IN fairly/RB with/IN a/DT gray/JJ goose/NN shaft/NN and/CC call/NN thyself/NN an/DT archer/NN ./SENT "/'' "/'' Ay/RB ,/, marry/VB ,/, that/WDT will/MD I/PP ,/, "/'' answered/VBD he/PP ./SENT "/`` Give/VB me/PP a/DT good/JJ stout/JJ bow/NN and/CC a/DT fair/JJ broad/JJ arrow/NN ,/, and/CC if/IN I/PP hit/VBD it/PP not/RB ,/, strip/VB me/PP and/CC beat/VB me/PP blue/JJ with/IN bowstrings/NNS ./SENT "/`` Then/RB he/PP chose/VBD the/DT stoutest/JJS bow/NN among/IN them/PP all/RB ,/, next/JJ to/TO Robin/NP 's/POS own/JJ ,/, and/CC a/DT straight/JJ gray/JJ goose/NN shaft/NN ,/, well-feathered/JJ and/CC smooth/JJ ,/, and/CC stepping/VBG to/TO the/DT mark/NN --/: while/IN all/PDT the/DT band/NN ,/, sitting/VBG or/CC lying/VBG upon/IN the/DT greensward/NN ,/, watched/VBN to/TO see/VB him/PP shoot/VB --/: he/PP drew/VBD the/DT arrow/NN to/TO his/PP$ cheek/NN and/CC loosed/VBD the/DT shaft/NN right/RB deftly/RB ,/, sending/VBG it/PP so/RB straight/RB down/RB the/DT path/NN that /IN it/PP clove/VBD the/DT mark/NN in/IN the/DT very/JJ center/NN ./SENT "/`` Aha/NP !/SENT "/`` cried/VBN he/PP ,/, "/`` mend/VB thou/NNS that /IN if/IN thou/NN canst/NNS "/'' ;/: while/IN even/RB the/DT yeomen/NNS clapped/VBD their/PP$ hands/NNS at/IN so/RB fair/JJ a/DT shot/NN ./SENT "/`` That/DT is/VBZ a/DT keen/JJ shot/NN indeed/RB ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Robin/NP ./SENT "/`` Mend/VB it/PP I/PP cannot/MD ,/, but/CC mar/VB it/PP I/PP may/MD ,/, perhaps/RB ./SENT "/`` Then/RB taking/VBG up/RP his/PP$ own/JJ good/JJ stout/JJ bow/NN and/CC nocking/VBG an/DT arrow/NN with/IN care/NN ,/, he/PP shot/VBD with/IN his/PP$ very/JJ greatest/JJS skill/NN ./SENT Straight/RB flew/VBD the/DT arrow/NN ,/, and/CC so/RB true/JJ that /IN it/PP lit/VBD fairly/RB upon/IN the/DT stranger/NN 's/POS shaft/NN and/CC split/VB it/PP into/IN splinters/NNS ./SENT Then/RB all/PDT the/DT yeomen/NNS leaped/VBD to/TO their/PP$ feet/NNS and/CC shouted/VBD for/IN joy/NN that /IN their/PP$ master/NN had/VBD shot/VBN so/RB well/RB ./SENT "/'' Now/RB by/IN the/DT lusty/JJ yew/NN bow/NN of/IN good/JJ Saint/NP Withold/NP ,/, "/'' cried/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ,/, "/'' that/WDT is/VBZ a/DT shot/NN indeed/RB ,/, and/CC never/RB saw/VBD I/PP the/DT like/VBP in/IN all/PDT my/PP$ life/NN before/RB !/SENT Now/RB truly/RB will/MD I/PP be/VB thy/JJ man/NN henceforth/RB and/CC for/IN aye/NN ./SENT Good/JJ Adam/NP Bell[1/NP ]/SYM was/VBD a/DT fair/JJ shot/NN ,/, but/CC never/RB shot/VBD he/PP so/RB !/SENT "/'' [/SYM 1/CD ]/SYM Adam/NP Bell/NP ,/, Clym/NP o/NN '/'' the/DT Clough/NP ,/, and/CC William/NP of/IN Cloudesly/NP were/VBD three/CD noted/VBN north-country/NN bowmen/NNS whose/WP$ names/NNS have/VBP been/VBN celebrated/VBN in/IN many/JJ ballads/NNS of/IN the/DT olden/JJ time/NN ./SENT "/`` Then/RB have/VBP I/PP gained/VBD a/DT right/JJ good/JJ man/NN this/DT day/NN ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD jolly/JJ Robin/NP ./SENT "/`` What/WP name/VBP goest/JJS thou/NNS by/IN ,/, good/JJ fellow/NN ?/SENT "/'' "/`` Men/NNS call/VB me/PP John/NP Little/NP whence/RB I/PP came/VBD ,/, "/'' answered/VBD the/DT stranger/NN ./SENT Then/RB Will/NP Stutely/NP ,/, who/WP loved/VBD a/DT good/JJ jest/NN ,/, spoke/VBD up/RP ./SENT "/'' Nay/RB ,/, fair/JJ little/JJ stranger/NN ,/, "/'' said/VBD he/PP ,/, "/`` I/PP like/VBP not/RB thy/JJ name/NN and/CC fain/RB would/MD I/PP have/VB it/PP otherwise/RB ./SENT Little/JJ art/NN thou/NNS indeed/RB ,/, and/CC small/JJ of/IN bone/NN and/CC sinew/NN ,/, therefore/RB shalt/VBP thou/NN be/VB christened/VBN Little/NP John/NP ,/, and/CC I/PP will/MD be/VB thy/JJ godfather/NN ./SENT "/'' Then/RB Robin/NP Hood/NP and/CC all/PDT his/PP$ band/NN laughed/VBD aloud/RB until/IN the/DT stranger/NN began/VBD to/TO grow/VB angry/JJ ./SENT "/`` An/DT thou/NNS make/VBP a/DT jest/NN of/IN me/PP ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD he/PP to/TO Will/NP Stutely/NP ,/, "/`` thou/NN wilt/NN have/VBP sore/JJ bones/NNS and/CC little/JJ pay/NN ,/, and/CC that /IN in/IN short/JJ season/NN ./SENT "/'' "/`` Nay/NP ,/, good/JJ friend/NN ,/, "/'' said/VBD Robin/NP Hood/NP ,/, "/`` bottle/NN thine/NN anger/NN ,/, for/IN the/DT name/NN fitteth/NN thee/NP well/RB ./SENT Little/NP John/NP shall/MD thou/NNS be/VB called/VBN henceforth/RB ,/, and/CC Little/NP John/NP shall/MD it/PP be/VB ./SENT So/RB come/VBN ,/, my/PP$ merry/JJ men/NNS ,/, we/PP will/MD prepare/VB a/DT christening/VBG feast/NN for/IN this/DT fair/JJ infant/NN ./SENT "/`` So/RB turning/VBG their/PP$ backs/NNS upon/IN the/DT stream/NN ,/, they/PP plunged/VBD into/IN the/DT forest/NN once/RB more/RBR ,/, through/IN which/WDT they/PP traced/VBD their/PP$ steps/NNS till/IN they/PP reached/VBD the/DT spot/NN where/WRB they/PP dwelled/VBD in/IN the/DT depths/NNS of/IN the/DT woodland/NN ./SENT There/EX had/VBD they/PP built/VBN huts/NNS of/IN bark/NN and/CC branches/NNS of/IN trees/NNS ,/, and/CC made/VBD couches/NNS of/IN sweet/JJ rushes/NNS spread/VBN over/RP with/IN skins/NNS of/IN fallow/JJ deer/NN ./SENT Here/RB stood/VBD a/DT great/JJ oak/NN tree/NN with/IN branches/NNS spreading/VBG broadly/RB around/RB ,/, beneath/IN which/WDT was/VBD a/DT seat/NN of/IN green/JJ moss/NN where/WRB Robin/NP Hood/NP was/VBD wont/JJ to/TO sit/VB at/IN feast/NN and/CC at/IN merrymaking/NN with/IN his/PP$ stout/JJ men/NNS about/IN him/PP ./SENT Here/RB they/PP found/VBD the/DT rest/NN of/IN the/DT band/NN ,/, some/DT of/IN whom/WP had/VBD come/VBN in/RP with/IN a/DT brace/NN of/IN fat/NN does/VBZ ./SENT Then/RB they/PP all/RB built/VBD great/JJ fires/NNS and/CC after/IN a/DT time/NN roasted/VBD the/DT does/NNS and/CC broached/VBD a/DT barrel/NN of/IN humming/VBG ale/NN ./SENT Then/RB when/WRB the/DT feast/NN was/VBD ready/JJ they/PP all/RB sat/VBD down/RP ,/, but/CC Robin/NP placed/VBD Little/NP John/NP at/IN his/PP$ right/JJ hand/NN ,/, for/IN he/PP was/VBD henceforth/RB to/TO be/VB the/DT second/NN in/IN the/DT band/NN ./SENT Then/RB when/WRB the/DT feast/NN was/VBD done/VBN Will/NP Stutely/NP spoke/VBD up/RP ./SENT "/`` It/PP is/VBZ now/RB time/NN ,/, I/PP ween/VBP ,/, to/TO christen/VB our/PP$ bonny/JJ babe/NN ,/, is/VBZ it/PP not/RB so/RB ,/, merry/JJ boys/NNS ?/SENT "/'' And/CC "/`` Aye/NP !/SENT Aye/NP !/SENT "/`` cried/VBN all/RB ,/, laughing/VBG till/IN the/DT woods/NNS echoed/VBN with/IN their/PP$ mirth/NN ./SENT "/'' Then/RB seven/CD sponsors/NNS shall/MD we/PP have/VBP ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD Will/NP Stutely/NP ,/, and/CC hunting/VBG among/IN all/PDT the/DT band/NN ,/, he/PP chose/VBD the/DT seven/CD stoutest/JJS men/NNS of/IN them/PP all/RB ./SENT "/'' Now/RB by/IN Saint/NP Dunstan/NP ,/, "/'' cried/VBD Little/NP John/NP ,/, springing/VBG to/TO his/PP$ feet/NNS ,/, "/`` more/JJR than/IN one/CD of/IN you/PP shall/MD rue/VB it/PP an/DT you/PP lay/VBD finger/NN upon/IN me/PP ./SENT "/'' But/CC without/IN a/DT word/NN they/PP all/RB ran/VBD upon/IN him/PP at/IN once/RB ,/, seizing/VBG him/PP by/IN his/PP$ legs/NNS and/CC arms/NNS and/CC holding/VBG him/PP tightly/RB in/IN spite/NN of/IN his/PP$ struggles/NNS ,/, and/CC they/PP bore/VBD him/PP forth/RB while/IN all/DT stood/VBD around/RP to/TO see/VB the/DT sport/NN ./SENT Then/RB one/PP came/VBD forward/RB who/WP had/VBD been/VBN chosen/VBN to/TO play/VB the/DT priest/NN because/IN he/PP had/VBD a/DT bald/JJ crown/NN ,/, and/CC in/IN his/PP$ hand/NN he/PP carried/VBD a/DT brimming/VBG pot/NN of/IN ale/NN ./SENT "/'' Now/RB ,/, who/WP bringeth/VBZ this/DT babe/NN ?/SENT "/'' asked/VBD he/PP right/RB soberly/RB ./SENT "/'' That/WDT do/VBP I/PP ,/, "/'' answered/VBD Will/NP Stutely/NP ./SENT "/'' And/CC what/WP name/VBP callest/JJ thou/NNS him/PP ?/SENT "/'' "/`` Little/NP John/NP call/VBP I/PP him/PP ./SENT "/'' "/`` Now/RB Little/NP John/NP ,/, "/'' quoth/VBD the/DT mock/JJ priest/NN ,/, "/'' thou/NNS hast/NP not/RB lived/VBD heretofore/RB ,/, but/CC only/RB got/VBD thee/NP along/IN through/IN the/DT world/NN ,/, but/CC henceforth/RB thou/NNS wilt/VBP live/VB indeed/RB ./SENT When/WRB thou/NNS livedst/VBP not/RB thou/NN wast/NNS called/VBD John/NP Little/NP ,/, but/CC now/RB that/DT thou/NNS dost/NN live/VBP indeed/RB ,/, Little/NP John/NP shalt/VBP thou/NN be/VB called/VBN ,/, so/RB christen/VB I/PP thee/NP ./SENT "/`` And/CC at/IN these/DT last/JJ words/NNS he/PP emptied/VBD the/DT pot/NN of/IN ale/NN upon/IN Little/NP John/NP 's/POS head/NN ./SENT Then/RB all/RB shouted/VBN with/IN laughter/NN as/IN they/PP saw/VBD the/DT good/JJ brown/JJ ale/NN stream/NN over/IN Little/NP John/NP 's/POS beard/NN and/CC trickle/NN from/IN his/PP$ nose/NN and/CC chin/NN ,/, while/IN his/PP$ eyes/NNS blinked/VBN with/IN the/DT smart/JJ of/IN it/PP ./SENT At/IN first/RB he/PP was/VBD of/IN a/DT mind/NN to/TO be/VB angry/JJ but/CC found/VBD he/PP could/MD not/RB ,/, because/IN the/DT others/NNS were/VBD so/RB merry/JJ ;/: so/RB he/PP ,/, too/RB ,/, laughed/VBN with/IN the/DT rest/NN ./SENT Then/RB Robin/NP took/VBD this/DT sweet/JJ ,/, pretty/JJ babe/NN ,/, clothed/VBD him/PP all/RB anew/RB from/IN top/NN to/TO toe/VB in/IN Lincoln/NP green/NN ,/, and/CC gave/VBD him/PP a/DT good/JJ stout/JJ bow/NN ,/, and/CC so/RB made/VBD him/PP a/DT member/NN of/IN the/DT merry/JJ band/NN ./SENT And/CC thus/RB it/PP was/VBD that /IN Robin/NP Hood/NP became/VBD outlawed/VBN ;/: thus/RB a/DT band/NN of/IN merry/JJ companions/NNS gathered/VBN about/IN him/PP ,/, and/CC thus/RB he/PP gained/VBD his/PP$ right-hand/JJ man/NN ,/, Little/NP John/NP ;/: and/CC so/RB the/DT prologue/NN ends/VBZ ./SENT And/CC now/RB I/PP will/MD tell/VB how/WRB the/DT Sheriff/NP of/IN Nottingham/NP three/CD times/NNS sought/VBN to/TO take/VB Robin/NP Hood/NP ,/, and/CC how/WRB he/PP failed/VBD each/DT time/NN ./SENT